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Spanos Park  

Spanos Park’s median real estate price is $561,774, less expensive than 70.1% of California and 21.1% of all U.S. neighborhoods.

The average rental price in Spanos Park is currently $3,479, based on exclusive analysis. The average rental cost in this neighborhood is higher than 68.6% of the neighborhoods in California.  Spanos Park is an urban neighborhood (based on population density) located in Stockton, California.

Spanos Park real estate comprises medium-sized (three or four-bedroom) to large (four, five, or more-bedroom) single-family homes and apartment complexes/high-rise apartments. Most of the residential real estate is owner-occupied. Many of the Spanos Park neighborhood residences are newer, built in 2000 or more recently. Several residences were also built between 1970 and 1999. EZ Stockton Junk Removal

In Spanos Park, the current vacancy rate is 2.9%, which is a lower rate of vacancies than 82.7% of all neighborhoods in the U.S. This means that the housing supply in Spanos Park is very tight compared to the demand for property here.


Culture is the shared learned behavior of people. Undeniably, different ethnicities and ancestries have different cultural traditions, and as a result, neighborhoods with concentrations of residents of one or another ethnicities or ancestries will express those cultures. It is what makes the North End in Boston so fun to visit for the Italian restaurants, bakeries, culture, and charm, and similarly, why people enjoy visiting Chinatown in San Francisco.

In the Spanos Park neighborhood in Stockton, CA, residents most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as Asian (28.6%). There are also several people of Mexican ancestry (14.8%) and residents who report German roots (11.5%), and some of the residents are also of Irish ancestry (9.0%), along with some Italian ancestry residents (6.9%), among others. In addition, 23.6% of the residents of this neighborhood were born in another country.

Getting to Work

Even if your neighborhood is walkable, you may still have to drive to your place of work. Some neighborhoods are where many can get to work in just a few minutes, while others are where most residents have a long and arduous commute. The greatest number of commuters in the Spanos Park neighborhood spend between 15 and 30 minutes commuting one-way to work (43.2% of working residents), which is shorter than the time spent commuting to work for most Americans. However, a significant group of residents (19.1%) also commute for over an hour in each direction.

Here most residents (79.6%) drive alone in a private automobile to work. In addition, quite a number also carpool with coworkers, friends, or neighbors to get to work (9.5%). In this Stockton neighborhood, as in most of the nation, many residents find owning a car useful for getting to work.

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